Laboratory Equipment

Basic Pharmacology

The Basic pharmacology laboratory has equipment for research in smooth muscle pharmacology and biochemical and endocrine pharmacology. Some of the commonly used equipments in the laboratory include Langendorff apparatus, 2 channel physiograph, data acquisition system, tissue homogenizer, refrigerated centrifuge, UV- spectrophotometer.

Neuropharmacology equipment like rota rod apparatus, analgesiometer, pole climbing apparatus, photoactometer and various mazes are also present.

Clinical Pharmacology

The Clinical Pharmacology Unit has the following as their major equipments , besides support equipments including freezers, centrifuges, biosafety cabinet, Milli Q water,  evaporators, vacuum manifold, for purpose of therapeutic drug monitoring:


HPLC Systems ; 5 in number

  • Waters e 2695 Separations Module quaternary pump, column oven, auto sampler with 2489 UV/Vis detector.
  • Agilent Technologies Quaternary 1290 Infinity pump with 1260 Infinity auto sampler, column oven  and UV/Vis detector.
  • Shimadzu prominence LC-20 AT with detector systems SPD-20A UV/Vis detector and RF – 20A Prominence Fluorescence plus CTO-10 ASVP Column Oven. Gradient System with manual injection.
  • Shimadzu Quaternary LC-2010CHT with auto sampler and UV/Vis detector.
  • Shimadzu Quaternary LC-2010AHT with auto sampler and UV/Vis detector.

UFLC System ; One : Shimadzu UFLC.   Quaternary Pump  (Nexera X2 SIL-30AD) with auto sampler (Nexera X2 SIL -30AC), column oven (CTO-20AC) and SPD-20A UV/Vis detector.

LC-MS/MS System; One: Acquity UPLC Quaternary pump LC system with auto sampler and column oven linked to Acquity TQ Detector.